Our Institute surgery is a modern outpatient center service where surgeons conduct wide range manipulations. This institution has been established to provide people maximum effective and less uncomfortable environment, offering safe, comfortable, high quality alternative inpatient hospitalization. Read licensed California state and program by the Federal medical care. We are rightly proud of fact accreditation, the joint Commission, the national formation, engaged which improvement high quality outpatient medical care. The Fresh data exhibit that purchased sexual disease the sexes have considerably more rather than to assume. One of the causes of sexual dysfunction in women may be surgery on the vagina or in the pelvic area. In patients men circumstances few other they also is have a chance to meet problems after surgery in the pelvic area, but there is also probability the development sexual dysfunction after operations on prostate gland. We facilitate to deal with this problem. As already mentioned previously, interest our patients remains priority number 1, therefore we follow that in order you was exhaustively knowledgeable any potential complications, what would be unlikely those nor was considered. Because developed sexual dysfunction curable one hundred percent! By expert opinion, the most simple way therapy these varieties sexual disorders is certain drugs.