This is extremely important today to struggle aesthetic save specific location: historical values of, natural terrain and cultural values. And here www. has a story. Historic district king's highway, staying in North Oak Cliff was at first is based as time structure for housing for Winnetka Heights at the beginning of the twentieth century. At the present time this area, unique by natural diagonal platform between street Davis Street and Montclair, can be proud title first protected area in Dallas, and remains area of natural integrity. This ravishing street from six quarters, raised elevation and unified the natural landscape is limited him to the North, a Davis street to the South, Tyler to the East and Mary cliff in the West. Our area was one of the first in Dallas and 2nd protected area in Texas. In 1988, when in the kings Highway in 1100 quarter in the project houses have been implemented massive spoiling the view box is signaled to violate natural area. It's not even had turned outside. There was no style, no grace, wasn't continuity with other neighbors. He just stuck out, neither to the village nor to the city. 1986 was accepted new verification of, is known to as reserve. Then to protect naturalness this area, people grouped and created protected kings highway area. In the 88th year of the last century assistant local Prosecutor signed decree, and he was supported local Council of Dallas. So Dallas have got his 1st reserve.