What is the first melody in life everyone your baby? Sure, lullaby! Quiet and calming songs help the child to fall asleep, create sense of comfort and security as well as introduced to a huge, unfamiliar universe, that its encompasses from all sides. A learn remotely or pour yourself similar fascinating music you have the opportunity on our portal - children's lullabies. Since ancient hours mother was singing lullaby loved the kids, so children and parents acquired sturdy relationship among themselves, which will take throughout the many years. In each country there are your own classic lullaby. They display history and culture different peoples. But there is unifying moment for absolutely all lullabies, both old and current. They are filled with maternal feelings, warmth and closeness. Toddlers feel it, even when they don't understand words. On our portal we created the big collection of lullabies melodies that you can pour yourself or the to hear online, you notice that completely free of charge and without. Here you discover albums ancient and modern lullabies, audio-stories, playlists and poems, traditional music for kids and other curious things for you and your baby.