Americas Army PG uuendus 12 aprill 2018


We are proud to debut Uptown! After years of dedicated training in our “Downtown” training site, the team is ready to take their learned skills to the real battlefield. Extract the intel and escort the VIP to safety, or relax in the new Sky Bar and go shopping in the open air market. This update also includes face and voice customization for our PC version, as well as enemy weapons in the My Soldier viewer. We fixed many bugs the community has reported and corrected the new PS4 bugs as well. Read on to see the whole list.


  • Enemy weapon support added to MySoldier menu
  • Added head and voice customization from the MySoldier menu

New Map

  • Uptown
  • Extract and VIP
  • Downtown has been re-imagined and brought to the real world

Bug Fixes

  • Servers listed on steam now keep a separate tally of players and spectators.  This allows the server browser to more accurately reflect the state of a server when deciding whether or not to allow the player to attempt to connect.
  • Fixed a case in the setting menu where the gamma button was off position a few pixels
  • Fixed a case where the weapon reload state on the server could exit early. This fixes a bug where you could end up with 1 round in and no magazine.
  • Fix for attempting to join a full server when manually entering IP
  • Error message is now displayed when attempting to connect to a password protected server with an incorrect password
  • The Editor progress bar now functions properly again
  • Fixed challenge progress bars not updating properly
  • adminlogout command now properly persists
  • Fix for player desync related to prone
  • Fix for being able to stay sighted up when exiting prone
  • Shotgun now properly interrupts reloads immediately to fire
  • Fix for being able to use ladders while prone
  • Fixed admin menus
  • Fixed an exploit where non admins could use an admin kick
  • Added new notifications for errors related to joining a server
  • Players are no longer given more than one spotting scope
  • Spectating a player being taken down now properly sends you to the next live camera
  • Fix for an issue where the front iron sights can get out of place
  • Fixed an issue in weapon recoil causing a pop in location at the end of the applied recoil.

Map Fixes

  • Fix for grenades and flashes having no effect in cabinet area on Hydra
  • Fix for steel beam penetration on Hydra
  • Fix for penetration values on fountain on Hydra
  • Changed the plastic physmat in the Hydra server room to have more accurate footstep sounds.
  • Added blocking volumes to the arcade cabinet in Hydra to block grenades from passing through
  • Fixed minor collision issue on Hospital
  • Fixed a minor Breach issue allowing a pallet to be used nefariously
  • Fixed Hydra bulletproof glass, making it actually bulletproof
  • Fixed visual bug on Intercept
  • Fixed reverb issue on Insurgent Camp
  • Fix for cabinet penetration issue on Hydra at OBJ site
  • Fix for bad collision in library on Watchdog
  • Fix for visual bug on initial camera view on Breach
  • Fix for being able to see through the floor on Insurgent Camp
  • Fix for map escape exploit at attack spawn on Homestead
  • Fixed a culling issue in Red Line
  • Fixed a culling issue on Watchdog at Y OBJ

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